ClearView Change Log


Added Movie Metric.

Added Dolby Digital Plus Audio Decoding Option.

Added 3:2 PUll Up/Down option for importing with Drastic.

Added Option for 4K (50, 59.94 and 60 Hz.) HDMI Output to use 4:2:0 at full frame rate vs. 4:2:2 at half frame rate.

Removed Broadcast Down Convert option from the broadcast record config dialog.  This was only available for the LHe boards.

Removed Big-Endian option from the config import options since MediaRead always returns little-endian audio.  

Removed Direct Show option from the config import options.

Removed the DVI Input option from the licenser.  Also added Movie and VC DDP Audio Decoding licensing options.

CHANGES for 8.3

Removed Config option for Intelligent Alignment and replaced with Alignment Mode which has three options: Single Frame (original), Intelligent and Exhaustive.

Added UI support for 16 audio channels.  Also changed audio metric logs to support 16 audio channels.

Added broadcast playback/record support for RP-188 data which can include LTC and VITC.

Added import and export (Mov only) for timecode.

Added option to delete files to the recycle bin.

CHANGES for 8.4

Now support 8K playback/record and side by side modes using two Corvid88 boards.

Added a new config item to write video in quadrant format which helps playback performance for dual board playback of 8K.

Added multi-threaded PSNR, Spatial and Temporal.

Added Rec BT.2020 Color Space Conversion.  Now 601, 709 or 2020 selected in config dialog.

Changed DT MediaRead to use 64 bit C interface.  No longer using 32 bit RPC or ActiveX.  Added registry option to allow MediaRead to do Color Space Conversion.

Added Desktop Output Device for playing video and audio to the desktop.

Added option for Mov Export to indicate the source video was interlaced.

Added Search Range for Exhaustive Alignment

Added Alignment Dominant Sequence on viewport A

Added Timecode Start Time

Added Metric Window Overlay

Changes for 8.5

SMPTE 425 Interleave support

Added Support for ICtCp 10 bit conversion to/from RGB 10 bit.

Changes for 9.0

Replaced Movie metric with NIQE.

Added HDMI HDR config support for broadcast output.

Changes for 9.1:

Added audio metering.

New panning operation.

Wide or Taller vanc support.

November 14 2018:

Added VMAF metric (currently supports YCbCr 8 and 10 bit image formats).

Fix for DisplayPort output module failing to change the display settings. Now using nVidia 411.63 driver.

Updated to support the latest Libcvi.

October 31 2018:

Fix for crash with No Video Output module custom format of 123 x 568.  Fixed odd width issue and also scaling bug for image with dimensions smaller than the logo.

Modified cv PixVal command to return the X,Y location.

October 19 2018:

Changed the max speed from 2 to 4.

Added license support for AWS instances to the 9.0 license.

Made display port output changes to support AMD graphics cards and also multiple graphics cards.  Also added support for having the output and the primary on separate adapters.

Made changes to support Display Port playback at 120 Hz.

Support for the latest libcvi version.

Added cv GetCurrentFrame api command.

Fixed 120 Hz. slow down to 60 Hz. by simply moving the application.  Now we create the output window on the UI thread.

Fixed overlay colors for RGB 10 and RGB 10 DX image formats - now text is white.

Fixed intermittant recording failures recording clearview output when using the display port output module.

Added a config option for using wide or taller vanc as the default.

October 1 2018:

Changes for dual recording to the same library.  Fixed automatic sequence naming to avoid duplicates.

September 24 2018:

Added support to legacy importer for reading RGB 16 bpc images into RGB10_DX.

Fixed jogging problem for the DisplayPort module on Windows 10.

September 11 2018:

Fix for audio not working on quad board single playback thru SDI Out 3.

September 5 2018:

Added CVServer VideoInput command options to enable/disable DualLink, QuadLink and TSI for recording configuration.

September 4 2018:

Fixed not being able to assign 525 59.94 Hz. sequences to 720 x 496 29.97 Hz. video formats.

August 31 2018:

Fix for quadlink 4x2048x1080 recording.

August 24 2018:

Added support for using import add lines to move image up or down when importing into Vanc enabled rasters.

August 22 2018:

Added audio meter overlay to Single and Dual Players.  This is configurable.

August 21 2018:

Fixed crash when vanc is disabled but wide vanc is set to true, getting broadcast FormatDescriptor was failing causing bad buffer allocations.

Added audio meter to RTM Player.

August 20 2018:

Added support for importing OP-47 CC Data.

August 13 2018:

Now require a File Import license to enable Libcvi File input.

August 10 2018:

Switching between audio meters and metric graphs is now controlled by the metric On/Off checkboxes.

August 9 2018:

Importing CC data into VANC now supports other video formats besides 720p and 1080i.

Updated the 2x2 dual 3G Quad mode of operation (for UHD) to support the newer autocirculate architecture and the Low Level preview routines.

August 6 2016:

Added support for Wide Vanc.  This is necessary to support sequences created by RTMonitor when using Broadcast inputs with Vanc enabled (with the exception of 1080i video formats where wide vanc is disabled).

Fixed incorrect Pixval colors for the RGB 10 Bit DX image format.

July 24 2018:

Added a configuration option to play 4K audio on the first quadrant only.

July 20 2018:

Added Audio Meters.

Fixed a crash when loading corrupted metric log files.

Fixed windows 10 version playing too fast on DisplayPort output module.

Fixed broadcast audio not playing when doing record while playing back.

June 27 2018:

Added GetXY server command.

Changed the zoom/pan algorithm to be more like the Windows picture viewer which allows you to drag the image into the viewing area instead of the way it used work which was to change the viewable area to where the mouse cursor is.

June 21 2018:

Added SetXY server command to set the pixel coordinates of the center of targeted rectangle.

June 6 2018:

Fixed problem where assigning a sequence which requires a format change and a vanc change was on changing the video format.

June 4 2018:

Fixed a bug in the video format popup which was allowing 4K videos to be assigned an HD video format.

Fixed a preview glitch on Dual Player with a Corvid88.  

May 31 2018:

Updated to latest Libcvi.

Fixed memory leak caused by running DMOS.

Metric logging commands will now fail if the target log path is invalid and the log file cannot be created.

May 23 2018:

Updated to latest Libcvi.

Disable audio output while processing Niqe.

May 18 2018:

Updated to latest Libcvi.

Audio playback error when audio is available - fixed bug where audio playback errors.

May 17 2018:

Improved Audio Metric error handling to be more precise about what error occured.

Changed audio file read error handling during playback to report an error if the audio file is missing data.

May 16 2018:

Libcvi input now forces a default image format if not previously saved in the registry.

The HDR configuration now sets constant/non-constant luminance based on the colorimetry setting.

Enabled Dolby Loop function when in 16 audio channel mode.

May 15 2018:

Fixed frame counters not changing when shuttling using the No Video Output module.

Fixed preview frames wrapping when using the No Video Output Module.

Fixed slow playback when using the No Video Output Module.

Fixed the license program to show the 9.0 license string.

Fixed an audio playback problem when using dual output on a single board.

April 30 2018:

New version 9.0.

Implemented NIQE metric.

Added HDR config dialog and device programming.

Fixed key mapping bugs preventing editing of certain fields.

Overlay bitmap black background all component values are now >= 1.

Added GetVideoInputFormat api command.

Added api support for full 4K and 2K video formats.

New ClearView logo and some minor UI changes.

Removed complaints about no broadcast hardware being found on systems without broadcast hardware.

Fixed library management bug where sequences which were imported to disk but did not have the disk flag set where not being saved when a library was being updated after removing or adding a sequence to the library.

When the Libcvi settings are missing from the registry we now use a default target video format.

Removed need to force an implicit stop before pausing or unpausing.

Changed all versions to use the new previewing method which keeps the preview much more closely aligned to the output.

Fixed not deleting .tc files when deleting sequences.

Fixed simultaneous broadcast/Libcvi recording.

Added support for the temporary libraries created by the RTM Job Manager.

Fixed problem mapping a sequence with a No Video Output video format which has no comparable broadcast video format.

Changed the File Import pane to be tabbed with the main tab for launching the new CVI importer.  The legacy tab is there to allow importing using the older built in file import capability.

Disk space usage is now in GB instead of MB.

Fixed context menu bug which would allow assigning a sequence with the wrong image format.

Fixed Overlay, Frame Numbers or Timecode not showing up in the snapshot.

Fixed a crash caused by loading a bad .DMOS log (log had garbage data in it).

Fixed import issue which produced a timecode > 23 hours.

February 23 2018:

Changed ClearView Dual Player to use the new previewing methodology.

Added support for Keyboard Commands: F (goto first frame), L (goto last frame), S (stop)

Library Manager now verifies a selection before deleting a library.

Added an apply button to the Libcvi config dialog.

Movie objective metric tab has been removed.  This tab currently says NIQE, but is not currently implemented.

Fixed problems related to selecting the IP record tab when the libcvi registry settings have not been set.

Rebuilt with the AJA sdk.

February 9 2018:

Added RGB 12 bpc image format.

Revamped the Single Player.

Replaced IPRecord with Libcvi for IP recording.

Added support for 4x2048x1080p video formats.

Fixed missing .aud file when recording ClearView output when the first clip has audio and the second doesnt and audio recording is enabled.

January 8 2018:

Fixed issue where importing wav files to the audio root was creating zero length .aud files when disk space was insufficient.  Now import fails with and error dialog.

Added bInterlaced argument to api for exporting .mov files.  This requires a new CVServer.exe.

Added support for using -1 for first/last frames in the cv export command.

Fixed crash when using DMOS in field mode.

Fixed changing video format for sequences created for No Video Output module to broadcast video output module video formats.

Now clearing HDMI output inputs 2 - 4 on quad boards, when the video format is HD.

Now escape will exit the video format popup if no format is selected.

Fixed a problem where timecode was not being played thru the broadcast hardware.

Now timecode is recorded when recording CV Output.

Added an error dialog for VANC unsupported by 1080p 2K video formats.

Added support for 12 bit per component RGB image format.  Actually 12 bits within 16 bits.

Fixed incorrect graphing when loading DMOS logs (field mode).

Fixed a router setup problem for using dual output on a single Corvid22 board.

Fixed Quad Link option not being enabled for quad boards.

Now cv InOut command returns =1 for first/last frames if no sequence mapped.

Fixed crash during frame number burnin for 8K videos.

November 17 2017:

Added support for importing wav files without a video file.

November 8 2017:

Added SMPTE 425 Quad input option to the record config dialog which tells the record object to expect a quad input.

Changed the Dolby trim option to skip some initial frames until a Dolby Sync Frame does not span frames.

Fixed problem creating thumbnails for RGB 10 sequences.

Fixed ClearViewLicense error registering the Dolby Decode filter.

Fixed a crash when importing DMOS logs where the log video format does not match the sequence video formats.

Router changes for RGB 10 sequences.

Fixed noise after resetting after playing a sequence with audio.

October 23 2017:

Some dual output fixes for the Kona IP 2022-6.

Added support for Kona IP 2110.

Fixed frame count and timecode burnins not working for dual output configurations.

Reverted DMOS algorithm to process the second layer for 4K videos.

Fixed a PSNR error for YCbCr 10 bit.

Added some support for the RGB 10 bit DX image format.

September 14 2017:

No longer saving current video format to sequence when assigning to viewport.

Fixed burnin frame numbers/timecode when VANC enabled.

VancUtil now supports ICtCp, HLG and UHD 10 bit image formats.

Fixed recording CV Output not working on Dual Player.

Added EnablePixVal, SetPixValXY, and GetPixVal commands to CVServer.

Fixed a problem with creating the VC logo for frame sizes that are smaller than the preview window.

July 28 2017:

Fixed Dolby trim option to use both the preamble and the Dolby Sync Frame Header to determine the existence of Dolby packets.  This fixes a problem when trimming streams which have additional preamble words without Dolby sync frames.

Fixed upside down import of ARGB tiff files into RGB 10 colorspace.

Fixed bad display port output for RGB and ARGB.

July 10 2017:

Added Timecode overlay option to ClearView Output Record Tab.

July 7 2017:

Port to AJA version 13 sdk.

Changes for Kona IP boards.

June 29 2017:

Changes to Broadcast IP Configuration dialog.  Added checkboxes for enabling Tx and Rx channels independently.  Added option to use a single KonaIP for dual channel operations in sytems that have two or more broadcast boards.  This is different from the normal scenario where two boards are used when available.  Removed Input Local Ports since they are not used.

June 16 2017:

Fixed upside down import of 8 bit YCbCr .mov files into RGB10 image format.

Fixed dual HD playback on a single Corvid88.  The second player was skipping/pausing due to the wrong framestore being used.

Fixed dual 4K playback on a single Corvid88 not showing video on second output due to not reseting the router first.

Fixed dual output on a single 3GQuad not starting both outputs.  It appears the syncChannel switch is not working and is now disabled for this board.

Fixed a problem where when 16 audio channels are enabled/disabled in config and then a file is imported without resetting first, the imported audio is wrong.

Fixed an audio/video sync problem when playing back a sequence with 8 audio channels when the hardware has 16 channels enabled.

June 5 2017:

Fixed license not failing for the wrong Secutech dongle.

June 2 2017:

Fixed import of RGB 10 to ICtCp to now have correct colors.

Also added support for Importing RGB48 into RGB 10 and ARGB into ICtCp.

June 1 2017:

Fixed setting VideoFormat for sequences.  Added support for NoHW and DP outputs.

Fixed an import problem converting from v210 to RGB10 for 709.

May 17 2017:

Fixed a problem with in out recording.  If playback is started before preview is selected the captured sequence is incorrect.  Now, we stop playback on preview and then restart it.

May 16 2017:

Added context menu option for changing the selected sequence video format to a compatible format.

Added context menu option for editing the selected sequence overlay text file.

May 9 2017:

Added HLG support for importing 10 bit RGB into HLG (YCbCr 10 bit).

April 18 2017:

Now all versions of ClearView (Full, Single Player, Dual Player and RTM Player) will work in coordination with RTMonitor on the same system.

Fixed an import problem of 720p 10 bit ProRes Mov files.

Fixed problem where sequences imported by File Importer using No Video Output Module video formats would not be assignable to Broadcast video formats.

April 13 2017:

Added support for importing MXF files with 12 bit RGB.

April 10 2017:

CVClient - added support for reading port from port.txt file.

April 4 2017:

Added support for importing files with CC data and inserting that into VANC line 9 (IEA-708).

Fixed a bug where recording IP audio input only worked correctly when 16 audio channels was enabled.

Fixed an audio playout problem of sequences with 16 audio channels when 16 audio channel mode was disabled.

Updated the AudMerge utility to support 16 audio channels.

New behaviour - Now when a sequence is assigned and the frame rate does not match, ClearView will change video formats.

Fixed a DMOS crash when chroma is enabled.  This requires a new SSIM.dll.

Changed logic on showing the EULA.  Added a new utililty, ResetEula.exe, to re-enable the EULA at the next program launch.

Fixed a failure which happens when audio import is enabled and the import file has no audio.

Fixed a sequence manager sorting bug for single and dual players.  When a thumbnail is dragged and dropped in the leftmost position, all sequences are renamed to the same sequence name.

March 16 2017:

Disable DD Trim option when a sequence is assigned to viewport B or when 16 channel audio is enabled.

March 15 2017:

Added Trim Dolby Digital Audio option to the ClearView Output Record tab to enable creating loopable sequence with DD audio.

March 10 2017:

Fixed crash in new SSIM chroma.

Selecting SSIM/DMOS graph buttons now changes the metric scores correctly when stopped.

Graph mode button now shows SSIM instead of MS-SSIM when SSIM is checked.

Desktop output module is disabled for AmaZon AWS instances.

Added leading zeros to frame number burnin.

March 8 2017:

Added SSIM checkbox to the DMOS metric tab to enable using single scale SSIM (x265_SSIM) instead of MS-SSIM.  This is also controllable via the cvServer DMOS command.  The read only registry value is no longer used.  This requires a new SSIM.dll.

March 7 2017:

Changed licensing code for AWS.

Fixed audio playing after reset when the previous sequence had audio.

March 6 2017:

Fixed 4x1080p giving the wrong linesize causing previews to appear squished.

Single stream 4K on a Corvid88 now connected to both sets of outputs. Awaiting an AJA update to support this in the firmware.

Added frame number burnin settings (enable, location and size) to the record ClearView Output tab.  This is not yet fully functional.

Added a read only registry setting (Enable Original Ssim) to have the DMOS metric use single scale SSIM in place of multi-scale SSIM. This requires a new SSIM.dll.

Fix for truncated AWS instance IDs preventing the licensing mechanism from succeeding.

March 1 2017:

Fixed AWS problem where executing the powershell command fails.  We now run a powershell script (instanceID.ps1) in Share.  This requires a new LicenseValidation.dll and ClearViewLicense.exe.

February 27 2017:

Fixed true 2K and 4K video formats having the wrong raster size.

Added licensing support for AWS instances ClearView.exe and ClearViewLicense.exe.

February 9 2017:

Added support for setting the starting audio channel in the SDI embedded audio for Dolby DDP audio.  This requires the new VC_DDP_AudioDecoder.dll.

Kona IP now being configured for transmit and receive.

Changed sequence manager context menu text from "Unload" to "Delete".

January 18 2017:

Modified Spatial and Temporal commands to no longer require threshold values.  This requires a new CVServer.exe.  Also fixed an internal bug related to these commands.

January 17 2017:

Added "Spatial" command to help command list.

Added configuration support for Kona IP boards.

January 10 2017:

Moved to AJA 12.5 SDK (DEPRECATED).

Added support for KonaIP board recognition and licensing.  Initial support for playback to HDMI output.

December 20 2016:

Added support for recreating sequence thumbnails when sequences are created by libTool.

Router setup was incorrect when playing a single sequence on Corvid88 hardware using the ClearView Dual Player.

December 9 2016:

Import now fails if audio is missing and creates sequence up to this point.

Fixed router clearing at application launch and exit.

November 14 2016:

4K HDMI TSI mode HDMI setup.

Added router changes for 4K TSI mode.

October 24 2016:

Added full 2K and 4K width broadcast video formats.

Fixed router setup for single HD playback on a Corvid88 board.

October 7 2016:

Fixed crash on freeing memory buffers when the number of Max Record Buffers exceeded 320.

Fix for in/out recording HD on a Kona 4 router setup.

Fix for 4K playback preview flickering.

Added dropped frames to single and dual players.

Adjust available disk space when not using the Audio Root.

Fix for repeating a single frame with audio in a playlist.

Added check for MultiPlayer when launching.

September 29 2016:

Migrated build to VS 2015 Update 3.

Fixed in/out recording with audio on quad boards.  The audio playback was coming from the wrong channel.

September 26 2016:

Fixed import bug when importing 2vuy (720p files) into v210 - was getting a bogus size which was used used to get the true line stride

causing the imported image to be corrupted.

Fixed a problem with the players when in 4K mode sometimes the preview still shows the logo after assigning a sequence.

Reduced the number of buffers used for single player from 320 to 160 in order to work on systems with 16 GB of RAM.

September 22 2016:

Added support for cv Play command with blocking (play once mode) for playlists.

Now when resetting and playing the logo, we reset the audio output bit to avoid playing stale audio.

Note this build requires at least the latest IPRecord (v. due to interface changes.

September 15 2016:

Fixed crash on dual capture when the second input has an invalid signal.

Fixed licensing issue where expiration date comparison failed when license expired one day ago.  

September 12 2016:

Fixed router setup for Dual input and Output for Corvid88 4K 2 sample interleave for high frame rates.

September 7 2016:

Added a new read only registry setting to set the number of buffers for recording.  This is a DWORD value: Max Record Buffers

This value has a max of 640.

We now only allocate the second set of render buffers when using two board to do 4K or 8K, or when doing broacast playback with IP input.

When sequences are deleted the available frames is now updated in the record tab.

Fixed bad audio on the second output when playing dual output using a single Corvid88.

Fixed dual input using a single Corvid88 board.

August 31 2016:

Added a new read only regsitry setting to reserve some disk space for systems with only a C: drive.  This is a DWORD value: OS DIsk Reserved MB

Now allow importing YCbCr 8 bpc files into RGB10 image format.

Added multi-threading to image format conversion for Display Port Output.

Fixed an erroneous error message warning of data inconsistencies when deleting a memory sequence when there is at least one memory sequence remaining in the library.

Fixed automatic stopping when playing from a paused state when using the Display Port Output module.

August 19 2016:

Fix for Single/Dual Player when API PlayMode is set the Repeat checkbox is appropriately checked/unchecked.

Fix for cv Play (blocking) when in Play Once mode.  Call was not returning when the first frame of the sequence was non-zero.

Fix for SMPTE 425 playback.  Now register is set properly for either case.  Also new router setups for Low and High Frame rate scenarios.

Fix for manually exporting files when CVServer is running.

Fix for dual output on a single Corvid88.  Now using channel 5 for the second stream.

August 11 2016:

Fixed a router issue when playing dual output on a single Kona4.  Now using framestores 1 and 2 unless dual RGB or dual YCbCr with 1080pB and using 2xSDI.  In this case we use framestore 4 to SDI out 4.

Fixed bogus frames per second showing when broadcast hardware was not using channel 1 or 2.

Fixed Desktop output module crash when raster was smaller than 480 x 288.  Now min raster is 320 x 180.

We now scale the logo down if the raster is smaller than the logo (604 x 340).

Fixed crash when creating a Desktop Output Module custom video format string which exceeded 20 chars.  Now custom formats can be up to 32 chars.

Changed the CVServer return string for WaitInterval from "success" to "WaitInterval" in an attempt to not break existing scripts.  This requires the new CVServer.exe.

July 20 2016:

Another preview fix for slight tearing when using the Dual Player with 4K video.

July 15 2016:

Fix for previews freezing during playback when the Broadcast record tab is selected but the Broadcast record input is not previewing or recording.

July 12 2016:

Fixed preview jitter when playing dual 4K output.

Added a scale factor to the Metric Window Overlay to keep the metric window visible when the Desktop Output Module window is smaller than the current video format dimensions causing the video content to be scaled.

Fixed an issue with loading of DMOS or JND logs that are in frame mode when the current Broadcast output is set to an interlaced video format and the metric frame mode is set to auto.  The scores on the metric tab were showing the values in field mode when they should have been in frame mode.

Fix for previews freezing during playback when the IP record tab is selected but the IP record input is not previewing or recording.

June 23 2016:

Fixed a problem where metric logs are saved to the wrong place when the destination folder has a '.' in the folder name.

Fixed DMOS scores always being zero when in YCbCr 10 bit mode.  This requires a new SSIM.dll.

Fixed wrong colors in saved BMP files from either Snapshot or BMP export when the image format is set to 2020.

Fixed a crash when using the Desktop Output Module with a video format that exceeds the size of the desktop display resolution.

Fixed a hang on exit after recording from the IP input.

June 21 2016:

Fixed wrong colors for previews when using YCbCr 10 bit ICtCp colorspace.

Fixed wrong colors for pixval when using YCbCr 10 bit ICtCp colorspace.

Added option to use 2 sdi outputs for RGB or YCbCr level B.

Fixed YCbCr ICtCp 10 bit output.

Added support for dual output using RGB image formats on quad boards.  Using channels 1 and 4.

Added support for dual output using YCbCr image formats and 1080pB on quad boards.  Using channels 1 and 3.

June 17 2016:

Added support for the Dolby ICtCp colorspace.  We now support 10 bit ICtCp files and conversions to and from RGB10.

Fixed 1080pB output on quad boards.  Now framestore 2 is enabled and connected to the second data stream on the connected SDI output.

Fixed RGB10 to v210 conversion to use all 10 rgb bits.

June 10 2016:

Fixed the cv Play (0) with blocking when in Play Once mode.  It was returning early.

Updated cvMovExportProc32.exe to support YCbCr 10 bit Mov exports when the image format was 2020.

Added support for importing Y444 Dpx files.

Fixed hyper-fast initial playback to No Video Output module.

June 7 2016:

No longer put up error messages when hovering over a playlist which has missing sequences.

June 2 2016:

Fixed crash which occurs when threshold failure overlay is enabled for 4K sequences.

June 1 2016:

Fixed crash when switching between Broadcast Output Module and Desktop Output Module.

Fixed crash when exporting to .Mov file when there is a problem reading the source audio.

Fixed problem importing from an autoload .txt file when using MediaRead.

May 25 2016:

Fixed green output where the VC logo should be.

Reverted build to AJA sdk.

May 23 2016:

Updated to the AJA sdk.

Now when Clip Alignment first and last values are edited, the transport will automatically change to the new frame which is the same behavior that occurs when these values are changed by the spin controls.

Fixed a bug in loading DMOS logs with -1 (initialized value) values being used in Min calculations and in graphed output.

Added configuration options for playback and recording quad signals with SMPTE 425-5 Interleaved format.

Fixed a dual recording bug on systems with two Kona 4 boards.  The second input was not recording due to a router setup error.

Fixed CVServer usage for the MapA and MapB commands to now correctly show the bForceFormatChange parameter.

Fixed preview not updating when running a metric or paused and jogging when there is a video offset between two sequences.

May 16 2016:

Added ability for RTM Player to cooperate with RTMonitor on quad boards.  This is enabled by the Enable Mutliple Applications registry values for both applications.  In this mode ClearView uses framestores 3 and 4 and RTMonitor uses framestores 1 and 2.  It may also be necessary to reduce memory usage of both applications by setting the Memory Usage Percentage registry values for both.

Fix for IPRecord input into YCbCr 10 bit image format when then input is only 8 bit.  This requires the latest IPRecord (version

Changed the sequences file backup scheme so that the most recent backup is alway .000 with .009 always being the oldest.

Fixed an audio sync issue with the Dual Player.

In the full ClearView loading DMOS logs created in frame mode for interlaced video formats were loading incorrectly if the config DMOS Field/Frame mode was set to auto in which case the logs were erroneously interpreted to be in field mode and the data was graphed incorrectly.  Now the frame mode setting from the log overrides the config setting.  This is also fixed for Jnd.

April 29 2016:

Fix for preview glitches when using Dual Output with 4K video.  This fix is for all Players.

April 27 2016:

Fix for enabling Metric Window Overlay not being saved in config dialog.

Added metric window overlay to Desktop Output Module.

Now Desktop Output Module is always enabled.

April 26 2016:

Fix for recorded green frames when doing sync recording of Broadcast/IP.  This would occur when the state of sync recording was changed.  It also was causing sequences to be recorded to the wrong libraries which would mess up the libraries involved.

Added new registry DWORD value: Ssim Subsample Increment to increase DMOS/SSIM performance.  The default value is 1 which operates the same as before.  This requires the new SSIM.dll.

Fix for wrapping of previews for synchronous preview mode.  This is for all output modules except broadcast when the video format is greater than or equal to 2K.

Fix for broadcast recording when using 1080p B formats on an LHi board.

Added clipping to multi-threaded PSNR scores for the rare case where the PSNR scores exceed 100.

April 11 2016:

Changed Multithreaded PSNR algorithm to use the combined squared errors across all threads instead of averaging scores from all threads.

Added v210 support to Desktop Output Module.

Desktop Output Module now properly changes when the Image Format is changed or when the ColorSpace Conversion Rec is changed.

Fixed a Desktop Output Module hang when playing sequences with no audio.

April 6 2016:

Added option to not switch from the Desktop Output Module when restoring metric logs.

Added 1080p 24 and 4K 24 video formats for Desktop Output.

Added conversion from broadcast formats to Desktop formats.

April 5 2016:

Fixed wrapping of preview buffers. Causing the UI preview window to jump backward or forward.

Changed version to 8.4.

March 30 2016:

Fixed issue where imported Tiff files were upside down.

March 18 2016:

Fixed problem with DMOS metric failure overlay.  The failure determination was reversed.  Failures should be when the score is greater than the threshold not less than.

Fixed a crash which occured when loading a metric log when the sequences were missing.

Fixed preview problems for the Dual Player.

Fix for pausing sometimes having corrupted output when autocirculate does not start correctly.  This has been traced to not having any frames in the hardware queue when autocirculate is started.  The logic has now been changed to not start until both streams have at least one frame in the hardware.

Changed RTM Player to not default to being in dual output mode which prevents side by side from working.  Now in order to do dual output, the Use Multiple Outputs option must be enabled.

March 11 2016:

Added v210 to RGB 10 converion for file import.

Fixed A-B for YCbCr 10 bpc when zooming.

Removed check for valid Drastic license since unlicensed code works but leaves a watermark.

March 7 2016:

Added multithreaded PSNR to video alignment.

Fixed dual output on a Corvid22.  We now synchronize channels.

Added dual output support to RTM Player.

Fixed crash when playing very short sequences (< 20 frames) with audio.

Reverted SSIM.dll back to previous version due to a difference in score results.

Added Metric Window overlay color selection.

Changed metric window to be around the actual window.

Fixed a long delay when jogging when one of the two assigned sequences is shorter and the frame being jogged to was past the end of the clip alignment value.

Fixed a problem where audio was not being played to the broadcast output.

February 9 2016:

Added Spin controls to Metric Window fields.

Improved DMOS performance with new SSIM.dll.

Fixed problem where in/out recordings had several static frames at the beginning of the capture.

January 28 2016:

Now limit cv client log to 100 MB.  Changed name of log from log to CvClientLog.log.

Added api support for setting Alignment Dominant Sequence on A and Exhaustive Alignment Search Range.  This requires the new CVServer.exe.

Added an option to overlay the metric window on the video output.  This currently supports ARGB and UYVY and is only enabled by a registry setting.

January 27 2016:

Added a warning at the start of exhaustive alignment which notifies the user that the initial alignment should be within the search range.

Added Alignment Dominant Sequence on viewport A to allow more flexibility with aligning.  This applies to all 3 alignment modes.

Added Timecode Start Time used to add a default start time when no timecode is available during broadcast recording, file import or during broadcast playback.

Fixed a bug where after successfully logging DMOS, Selecting Log again did not complete until the user did something on the UI that triggered a disk read.

Fixed a bug reading .audio files created by RTMonitor.  The restored log values in ClearView did not match the log values because the logs were being interpreted as having 16 audio channels.

January 26 2016:

Fixed the wrong bit depth was being displayed for v210 imports.

Removed Default Disable Render Mode, Dual Read and Default DVI Output config options from config dialog.

Reworded most config options to improve clarity.

Fixed a crash caused by using broadcast recording when the output is set to No Video Output.

January 22 2016:

Fixed a crash which happens in side by side viewing modes when there is a spatial shift and the split point is adjusted too far away from the center point.

Fixed upside down images resulting from importing .yuv files.

Added search range for exhaustive alignment.

Changed the algorithm which finds duplicate frames during exhaustive alignment to use the temporal metric.

Intelligent alignment now shows a completion message containing the video offset upon successful completion.

Fixed a problem where the Temporal Align button whould need to be pressed twice after running exhaustive alignment.

The current alignment mode is now shown on the UI next to the Temporal Alignment button.

January 20 2016:

Fixed jogging/shuttling long delay bug when temporal video offset is non-zero.

Fixed shuttling synchronization bug between broadcast output and preview window.

Added system audio playback support (currently only 2 channels) to the Desktop Output Module.

Fixed problem where a sequence file gets overwritten by a metric log file saved in the same folder with the same name.

Added a spin control for A-B addback threshold.

Fixed an audio playback synchronization bug with the dual player.

January 13 2016:

Fixed a shuttling/jogging long delay bug when using field mode.

Changed Version number in the title bar to show three version levels.

After new sequences are added from FileImporter we now update the disk usage.

Changed file import progress bar to not move to the end until completely finished.

Fixed problem with importing audio with the new MediaRead interface. Also fixed the import abort button not working with the new MediaRead interface.

Added support to mov export to set interlaced flag.

Fixed a synchronization problem when playing dual output through a single board.

January 8 2016:

Fixed a bug when using IP In/Out recording while playing from the broadcast board.  There was continuous looping of recorded material caused by overlapping input and output buffers.

January 7 2016:

Added 2x2x2160p 8K video formats to the CVServer videoFormat command.  This requires a new CVServer.exe.

Added a stop command to be issued once metric processing is completed.

January 6 2016:

Fixed the long delay between jogging/shuttling and seeing the output.

Fixed jogging not moving the shuttle position.

January 5 2016:

Fixed shuttling problem when speed is not 1.0 the sequence frame number were incorrectly mapped to the shuttle position.

Added registry setting to enable/disable the Desktop Output Module.

Added warning when the file import last frame is automatically reduced due to not enough available disk/memory space for the entire file.

Desktop Output Module is now resizable.

Added license checking for MediaRead C interface to avoid trying to load frames when it is unlicensed.

Added check for file import to look for a conflict between the source file and the destination sequence which could happen if the source file is in the destination library and the source file has no extension (as do our video sequences) or is a .hdr file.

December 22 2015:

Currently disabled Desktop Output resize option until working better.  

December 16 2015:

Changed from DTMediaRead RPC interface to 64 bit C interface.  This requires using the libDTMediaRead.dll.  Added a registry option (Use MediaRead Color Space Conversion) to allow MediaRead to do Color Space Conversion.

Added Desktop Output Device.  This requires SDL2.dll.

Fixed frame counter not incrementing for viewport A when using the ClearView Dual Player.

Fixed dual output router configuration on a single Kona 4.

Fixed in/out router configuration on a single Corvid22.

Fixed router problem when switching from RGB10 (or ARGB) to YCbCr. Needed to clear DS2 inputs on SDI Output widgets for ports 3 and 4.

All YCbCr imports are now clipped to legal SDI values if not clipped to legal broadcast values.  Before there were some cases that were not being clipped.

November 23 2015:

Added mode a dont block parameter to CVServer which prevents blocking when in Play Once mode.

Added read only Disable Input Signal Check DWORD registry entry to keep broadcast input going when the signal becomes intermittant or flakey.

For multi-threaded broadcast 2x2 video format playback (for Dual Kona 3G Quads (4K) or Dual Corvid88 (8K)) we now check for stopping in each thread to prevent accessing the hardware after stop is initiated.

Increased time before timing out on 8K playback to avoid stopping during recording ClearView output.

Added multi-threading of Temporal and Spatial metrics.

Added Rec BT.2020 color space conversion.

Fixed a bug previewing when using ClearView dual player with 8K input.

November 5 2015:

Getting output/preview to update after changing enable LUT or switching LUTs required jogging or some other action to force reading new frames.  This has been fixed so that output/preview frame automatically shows the change.

Getting output/preview to update after changing Force 601 required jogging or some other action to force reading new frames.  This has been fixed so that output/preview frame automatically shows the change.

Added support for side by side modes on ClearView 8K.

Fixed dropping metric log files not working for 8K video formats which require Broadcast Boards 1 and 2.  Now we selected the proper output module based on the video format.

October 30 2015:

Added multi-threaded PSNR.

Added support for 8K recording using two Corvid88 boards each running dual channel 4K.

October 15 2015:

Added 8K playback using two Corvid88 boards each running dual channel 4K.  Added a new video file format which saves video

in 4K quadrants enabling faster playback.  There are new video formats for 8k: 2x2x3840x2160.

Fixed playlist playback for 4K playback when using two Kona 3G Quad boards each in dual channel 1080p playback.

Fix for exhaustive alignment when both sequences have duplicate frames it was causing the output file to be mostly black.

Delete Current now looks for all associated log files and deletes them all.

Delete Current now does a reset after it is finished.

September 22 2015:

Now when a sequence has been playing and stopped and a new sequence is assigned the shuttle bar moves to the beginning.

CVServer change to close socket on send and recv errors.

CVServer change to add log entries for connecting/disconnecting.

Fixed special case of file import workaround for importing into v210 720p format.  Now uses 2vuy instead of RGB when v210 read format is unavailable.

Removed unused file import code for h264, mpeg4 and DirectShow.

Now when a sequence is imported by FileImporter and the output video format is a 2x2x1080p format, ClearView will translate this format into 4x1080p format for systems that dont have the 2x2x1080p formats in order to automatically select a compatible video format when the sequence is assigned to a viewport.  This will also work if the reverse is true.

September 8 2015:

HD playback on a quad board now has SDI Out 2 hooked to FS 1.

September 2 2015:

Fixed Jerky preview of 4K playback using the No Video Output Module.

September 1 2015:

Added support for Corvid 88 boards for single playback and record and in/out recording.

Also added minimal support for Corvid 44 boards (currently used in the same manner as a Corvid 22).

Changed MaxBuffers logic to always use the registy value (if non-zero) subjected to min (80 or 160 for dual 3G Quad Mode) and max (320) limitations.

Removed broadcast hardware calls in config dialog when no broadcast hardware is installed.

Fixed an import problem where if the previous import failed due to missing frames at the end of the file, the error flag was not reset (unless reset was exlicitly selected) and re-importing failed immediately.

Changed broadcast hardware buffer allocation to maximize buffer usage.

Fixed problem doing single frame alignment when the sequence in B was less than 3 frames in length.  No we do not treat this as an error in verification and let the alignment continue.

August 12 2015:

Changed DMOS logs to show Min/Max/Avg C instead of Cb.

July 31 2014:

Updated license to version 8.3.

July 23 2015:

We now manufacture timecode during import if enabled and the source file does not have timecode.

Initializing import timecode rp188 DBB value to 0xFF to have broadcast hardware include VITC and LTC.

Fixed Mov export via api.

Updated CVServer help regarding export mov command.

July 21 2015:

Smoothed preview playback when shuttling.

New ClearViewLicense.exe

July 17 2015:

When logging metrics via the api, we no longer put up the log file save as dialog.

July 15 2015:

Added MediaRead version string to config dialog.

Fixed a preview update issue when using Broadcast 4K sometimes the preview would not update when sequeces were asigned to a viewport or one of the view mode buttons was pressed.

July 13 2015:

Fixed error with imported timecode having an incorrect value for seconds.

July 9 2015:

Added a config option to delete files to the recycle bin.

June 30 2015:

Fixed a problem when recording CV Output and 16 audio channels is enabled.  The recorded sequence has audio in 16 channel format, but the sequence header was set to only 8 channels.  Now it is set to 16 channels.

Added api support for SnapShot command.  Also added help for WaitInterval.  CVServer help is now alphabetical.  Note this requires the new version of CVServer.

Now when logging metrics manually (using the user interface) while CVServer is running, the prompt dialogs for the log file names are no longer suppressed.

June 19 2015:

When reading registry we skip duplicate library names to avoid having duplicates in our list.

When Broadcast timecode is enabled and the sequence has no .tc file, then we generate timecode from the frame count.

Added support for in/out recording with timecode when using the same channel.

Changed timecode playback to insert VITC and LTC.

June 12 2015:

Fixed problem with Quicktime mov export timecode track.  Starting frame number was incorrect.

June 11 2015:

Fixed field order playout for NTSC when in Field Mode F1F2 Alternating mode.  We now play F2 (bottom field) first.

June 9 2015:

Changed aFreq and PEAQ scores for mostly silence from 1.0 to 2.0 and scores for spikes from 2.0 to 3.0 to match RTMonitor.

Fixed black lines on broadcast output during playback when in one of the side by side modes and there is a non-zero Spatila Offset for Y.

June 5 2015:

Fixed the long time it takes to load very large audio metric logs.

Fixed a problem with doing exhaustive alignment on sequences with vanc enabled.

Added timecode track to exported Quicktime mov files when timecode is enabled and the sequence has timecode.  This requires a new version of cvMovExportProc32.exe.

ClearView installer now runs regsvr32 on VC_DDP_AudioDecoderFilter.dll since IPRecord no longer installs and registers this filter.

June 1 2015:

For Metric logs with broadcast output modules we no longer specify the module number.  When reading the metric log we do not change the broadcast output module unless necessary.

Added support for importing VITC or LTC via ClearView import using Drastic MediaRead.

May 28 2015:

We now prevent the application from being sized beyond the initial startup size in order to prevent the appliction from being stretched to full screeen.

Fixed broadcast recording with rp188 timecode.  Now it is recorded correctly.

Added support for exporting 16 channels of audio in .mov and .aiff files.  Also fixed a problem when exporting fewer audio channels if the sequence had 16 audio channels.

Changed the vcRedist for VS 2008 to SP1 version which does not leave files behind after running the ClearView installer.

May 18 2015:

Changed the default Max Buffers value from 40 to 80 for cases when there is no value defined in the registry.  If there is a value in the registry then that value will be used.

Changed shuttle page size to a smaller value which helps to more accurately select the position by clicking on the shuttle bar.

Fixed problem when doing dual output on a single Kona 4 or 3G Quad, the audio from channel 1 was playing out both SDI Out 3 and SDI Out 4.  In this case SDI Out 4 should have had the audio from channel 2.

May 13 2015:

Fixed hang caused by disconnecting broadcast input when previewing or recoding.

Fixed hang in DMOS.

Increased maximum libraries from 256 to 1024.

Now shuttle thumb moves during DMOS processing.

Changed "Original" alignment to "Single-Frame".

May 4 2015:

Fixed preview problem where thumb and preview counters were getting ahead of the preview video.

Changed CVServer enableErrors argument to also pertain to server errors connecting to ClearView.exe.  To force an error message to occur set this argument to 1.

Added a status log to CVServer to help RTM Mgr determine the state of CVServer at startup.

April 10 2015:

Added setting exhaustive alignment to CVServer and ClearView.  We changed the second parameter from bIntelligent to alignMode.

Enabled DMOS configuration options for RTMPlayer.  Now when a dmos log is restored, the field mode option always gets set to the log value even when the option is currently set to auto.

Allow restoring DMOS logs when the number of scores in the log is greater than or equal to the minimum sequence length.

Initialize all ssim and dmos scores to -1.

April 7 2015:

Fix for exhaustive alignment logging - now all missing frames are logged instead of just the first one of a contiguous group.

April 6 2015:

Added support for timecode playback/record and import.

Broadcast record tab now shows 30 Hz. for 1080i 60 inputs.

Audio playback fix for 8 channel sequences. Bug related to move from 8 to 16 audio channels internally.

No longer disable Use Audio Root config option for RTM Player.

We now keep sequences when aborted during import.

March 25 2015:

Added UI support for 16 audio channels.  Also changed audio metric logs to support 16 audio channels.

Requires newest AudioLoudness.dll and VC_DDP_AudioDecoder.dll.

March 23 2015:

Fixed hang when selecting preview when doing in/out recording of 4K formats.

Added /c option to VANCUtil for saving/restoring chroma data along with luma data.

For single or in/out recording 4K formats we now select the broadcast board that is not being used for playback.

March 20 2015:

Added Exhaustive Alignment for creating a new reference sequence to match test sequences with dropped or duplicated frames.

Fixed problem with Loudness/True Peak calculations where some scores were showing as -1.#INF.  This requires a new AudioLoudness.dll.

Now explicitly turn off audio loop thru for all inputs even when no audio in playback.

Fix for long delays in jog/shuttle.  Synchronous preview queue now is sized to match our MaxBuffers value.  Also reduced wait time for semaphores.

Fixed intermittant hang when stopping when using synchronous preview buffers.

March 11 2015:

Explicitly enabling channel 1 for playback and record since it may have become disabled by RTMonitor.

March 6 2015:

New CV client and Server which support a wait time interval.  For synchronizing commands across multiple units.

Made all message boxes System Modal.

On 4K broadcast boards we now loop on checking the input signal formats which is necessary when changing from playback to record mode.

Fix for glitchy previews while playing on 4K system.

We now automatically select different libraries when doing synchronized Broadcast/IP recording.

March 2 2015:

Added an error message to notify the operator when recording Broadcast input with Dolby decoding enabled, but no Dolby exists in the signal.  Now when record is pressed it will put up an error stating that it has timed out trying to decode dolby audio.

February 27 2015:

Fix for flickering previews.

Switched from 11.3 sdk to 12.1 sdk.

Fixed problem with HDMI output when switching to 1080p formats after playing 4K formats.

Added HDMI bit depth selection based on Image Format.

February 26 2013:

Fixed issue on 4K systems where assigning a sequence to a viewport would not play the first frame to the broadcast outputs.

Now setting 4K HDMI output to YUV/RGB based on current image format.  This should hopefully fix HDMI 4:2:0 output. Waiting to test.

Fix for 4K in/out recording using 10 bit YCbCr - would sometimes drop frames when preview was first hit causing a stop. For this case we do not raise producer thread priority.

Fix for audio playback glitches for 8 channel audio when Enable 16 Audio Channel Mode was enabled.

Fix for audio from previous sequence being played when previous sequence was HD and current sequence is 4K.

Added v210 support to VancUtil.

February 19 2015:

Now set broadcast hardware to OEM_TASKS based on direction from AJA.  This also fixes a problem using the drivers on Kona 4 boards where in/out was showing the wrong format on the inputs.

Changed 4K Broadcast HDMI output settings to use 3840x2160 HFR format for high frame rate (50 - 60 Hz.) 4:2:0 4K playback.

Fixed slow previews on ClearView Players by removing throttle mechanism.

Fixed jerky shuttle when scrolling - we now do not try to set the shuttle position if in the middle of scrolling.

Fixed jumpy shuttle when jogging in reverse.

February 13 2015:

Fix for audio alignment when using Dolby decoder.

February 11 2015:

Fix for dual input on a single quad board - now using audio subsystem 2 for the second input.

February 5 2015:

Fixed a crash when importing with Dolby enabled.

Added support for recording with a Kona 4 board with 1080p B inputs.

Fixed a couple memory leaks.

Fixed problem importing more than a single audio channel pair.

Changed Jog/Shuttle implementation to set the shuttle after the frames have been read.  This keeps the shuttle position consistent with the preview frame counters.

January 29 2015:

Added support for IPRecord input which now supports 4K video output formats.

Fixed jog buttons not working on ClearView players with broadcast output.

Fixed jumpy frame counter/preview for No Video Output mode.

Fixed flickering frame counters.

January 27 2015:

Changed version to 8.2.

Fixed a problem where broadcast recording was not decoding Dolby audio until RTMonitor was run first.  Configuring the AudioControl2 register to support 8 channel audio fixes this problem even though we are only using channel 1.

Added config option for 4K HDMI v.2 Output to use 4:2:0 full frame rate output for 50, 59.94 and 60 Hz. instead of 4:2:2 at half frame rate.

Fixed a lip sync problem with Dolby audio recording.

January 23 2015:

Changed code for creating a side by side split mirror frame for YCbCr 8bpc frames.  The code now maintains pixel pairs since the image format is 4:2:2 which means Cr and Cb are shared for 2 pixels.  The old method which tried to overcome this limitation would have visual artifacts particularly when there was a horizontal shift of an odd number of pixels.

Fixed crash caused by launching more than one instance of the Library Manager.  We now limit to one instance.

January 16 2015:

Fixed problem where SDI audio was not being recorded for single input unless RTMonitor had been run first.  This was due to a Broadcast driver/firmware bug which requires the audio source select to be set for channel 2 even though only channel 1 is being used.

January 13 2015:

Broadcast record tab now shows "Detected Signal: Invalid" when the input signal changes or goes invalid while previewing or recording.

January 8 2015:

Fixed crash which happens when playing after loading a .dmos log when there are -1.0 (uninitialized) values in the log.

Added workaround for correctly importing 4K ProRes 10 bit mov files.

January 5 2015:

Fixed lip sync problem when recording with Dolby audio on SDI input 2.  Was not initializing the decoded buffer position indeces.

December 22 2014:

Fixed overlay not showing up in preview on 4K player.

Now getting MediaRead version programmatically.

December 18 2014:

Removed invalid Dolby license messageBox which would come up at application launch if no valid Dolby license.

No longer fail DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH for Dolby dll when not licensed which caused app to not launch.

Added Large Preview support.

Added API support for Movie and Dolby.  Requires new CVServer.exe.

December 12 2014:

Fixed problem where the Disk Usage progress bar was not showing the true amount of disk space used on systems with several terabytes of storage.

Movie metric now requires a valid license to be enabled.

December 10 2014:

Added new interface definitions from Drastic for MediaRead for 3:2 pulldown.

Stripped off file extensions from default filenames in the File Save As dialog for all metric log files.

December 9 2014:

Fix for Movie Metric.  Was skipping the processing step giving -1 for the result.

December 5 2014:

Added support for Dolby Decoding to pass back PreambleA location and the number of decoded samples.

Updated VC_DDP_AudioDecoder.dll to ignore bad data types and also not check for drift between sync frames.

Added Config option for 3:2 Pull Up/Down.

Removed Direct Show Import option.

Now linking to IPRecord.lib from SVN.

Disabled writing to C:\MovExportDbg.txt file in cvMovExportProc32.exe.

November 26 2014:

Fix for VC_DDP_AudioDecoder and LicenseValidation.dll which caused ClearView to not work when RTMonitor was not licensed.  This was caused by the Dobly decoder using the wrong application code when calling the LicenseValidation.dll.

Fix for crash in No Hardware Output mode when the custom format had a frame rate of 0 Hz. which caused a divide by zero error in the preview code.

Added UI and registry support for Audio Gap and Spike detection.

November 19 2014:

Fix for In/Out recording where preview shows the VC Logo instead of the playback video frame.  This is due to the logo being already in the playback hardware buffers.  The first frame of the playback video was sent to the board, but the autocirculate delay was not reached so the board had not started autocirculating yet.

Fixes for dual IP recording.  The second input sequence name was not being used and hence we ran into file open issues after recording since the recorded file had the wrong name.  We were also seeing similar file open errors after recording due to duplicate calls for creating a sequence when the duplicate call happened after we automatically changed the sequence name in preparation for the next recording.

For IP recording, we now wait 3 seconds after IPStreams have started before enabling the record button to prevent capture of frozen frames which sometimes occur when the IPStream is first started.

November 17 2014:

Added a new registry DWORD Value: Dropped Frame Timer Seconds.  If set to a non-zero value this will inhibit reporting dropped frames on playback until the time is reached.

November 13 2014:

Fixed Frame Counter B not working in Side By Side Modes when playing using broadcast output.

November 12 2014:

Added support for latest VC_DDP_AudioDecoder.dll (added new params to decode function).

Router change for dual quad mode with RGB formats.

Fixed jumpy shuttle control when playing 4K sequences.  

Fixed missing top half of logo when reset for 2x2 formats (dual quad mode for single player app - NoRender mode).

November 5 2014:

Fixed problem where the preview and/or frame counters would continue on for several seconds after pausing.

Some more unfruitful changes for 3:2 pulldown during import.

Added support for the new VC_DDP_AudioDecoder change for initialization.

Some changes to support dual 1080p B input on a single Kona4/3G Quad board.

October 23 2014:

Fixed problem importing mov file with Dolby Digital in audio stream.

Added support for pass thru of PCM data when Decoding Dolby.

Added changes for Dual Link (SMPTE 372) input on 3G Quad boards.

Made changes to use 3:2 pulldown support in MediaRead (this is still not working with the current MediaRead).

Fixed problem where second dropped frame value was not being reset when previewing dual record on broadcast record tab.

October 20 2014:

Added support for Dual Link (SMPTE 372) input on a single 3G input for Kona4 - needed to connect SDI In 1 DS 2 to FS 2.

Some fixes for Split Mirror and B only View modes when Spatial X offset is an odd value.  Also fixed A only view mode when X offset was negative.

Some changes regarding decoding Dolby Digital audio.

Added Dolby Digital Audio decoding to file import.

October 9 2014:

New license for version 8.2 has Movie and Dolby Audio Decode options.  Removed DVI Input.  This build requires VC_DDP_AudioDecoder.dll.

Removed Broadcast Record Down Convert option (was only supported for LH boards).

Removed Big Endian Audio Config option - MediaRead always gives us Little Endian.

Added Dolby DDP Audio Decode option to Config dialog.

There are new versions of cvLicenseCreate.exe, ClearViewLicense.exe and LicenseValidation.dll.  CVLicenseCreate now copies the license to the clipboard.

september 29 2014:

Added support for 3:2 pulldown in anticipation of a new MediaRead from Drastic which will support this on import.

Added reverse DMOS to MS-SSIM routine as a sanity check and to allow for plugging in DMOS values in the debugger to get correlation of MS-SSIM to DMOS values.

Fixed crash after Movie processing when number of frames exceeded 480.

Made some changes to accomodate 16 Audio Channel Mode - number of audio channels imported and fixed allocation of Audio Sample Buffer to support 16 channels.

September 4 2014:

Added Repeat checkbox to Single and Dual Players.

August 28 2014:

Reversed Movie log column header so that Spatial and Temporal scores are properly labelled.

Fixed problem where the first 8 Movie scores where showing negative values sometimes.  These score are not defined since the metric does not produce scores until the ninth frame.  We now put the first available scores into these first frames.

August 27 14:

Fixed RTM Player UI problems where Playback and Metric Tabs where not positioned correctly causing some fields to be cut off.

Added Movie Metric back in.

Fixed problem where Movie graph was not created until either the Temporal or Spatial radio buttons where selected.

Fixed problem where quad HDMI output would only display the upper left quadrant after recording.  Now all four framestores are set to playback correctly.

August 14 2014:

Fixed problem on quad boards where selecting 2 audio channels for HDMI output actually selects 8 and vice versa.  Now selecting 8 so the router actually shows 2.

August 12 2014:

Fixed problem where aborting import of a file with audio fails to delete the .aud file and then a susequent import puts the audio into the existing .aud instead of into a new .aud file.

August 11 2014:

Fixed missing audio on SDI out 2 when playing a single sequence on a Corvid22.

August 6 2014:

Fixed problem where when a sequence is assigned to a viewport using the No Hardware Video Output module and the current video format is saved with the sequence causes a problem when assigning this sequence to a viewport when using the broadcast output module.  This is because the format of the video format strings is different for the different output modules.  Now we translate the saved format into a proper broadcast format which allows the sequence to be assigned to the viewport without complaining that the format could not be selected.

July 22 3014:

Fixed crash when selecting broadcast in/out record mode on Kona4 systems. This was caused when calling deprecated api method to enable/disable framestore 2.

Fixed routine which determines whether to playback using channel 2 when in in/out record mode. It was always returning true.

July 21 2014:

Fixed playback problem when using multiple outputs and the current record mode is in/out and the out is using channel2 (true for some boards).

Fixed crash when dropping large .yuv file on ClearView.  Crashed on getting audio fourcc.  Just removed code for now since it was not being used anyway.  Also fixed a crash while importing this same file.

Fixed problem where sequence thumbnails were not showing with sequences imported with FileImporter unless library was reloaded.

July 15 2014:

Fixed problem where 4X and 2x2x video sequences when exported always create files with 29.97 frame rate.  Now these video formats are handled correctly.

July 10 2014:

Removed segmented DMA mode of operation for 2x2 dual quad modes.  This fixes a video corruption problem, but does reduce performance for side by side view modes.

Now stops recording in addition to playback when dropping frames on playback during in out recording with abort on drop enabled.

Fixed preview mixup (stays in input preview mode) when single broadcast record, preview then stop.  Needed to force stop on playback to get preview to switch back to playback.

July 8 2014:

Preview timer changed from 16 to 10 msec (broadcast and No Video Output). Preview using a 33 msec timeout.

Made warning message more specific about having to change video or image format when assinging a sequence to a viewport.

Fixed inconsistent data errors about saving libraries when Reset is selected after recording Broadcast/IP dual recording and manually stopping.

Now IPRecord record tab record and stop buttons dont enable until the IPRecord graph has started - this should fix the green recordings.

July 3 2014:

Fixed preview problem where sometimes the preview does not match the output frame and frame counter.

July 1 2014:

Added a warning dialog and prevent the IPRecord config dialog from being launched when the the broadcast output is set to a 4K or 2x2 format.

Added audio spike detection to the aFreq metric.  If a spike is detected the score is 2.

June 24 2014:

Fix for DMOS/SSIM.  The last few frames were showing a DMOS score of 4 when the SSIM score was -1.  We now use -1 for DMOS value when SSIM score is -1.  Also we fixed a problem with the last few frames not being scored due to having an invalid size because when we recreated the metric for the remaining frames we did not reinitialize the the VideoFrame structure used in the SSIM.dll.  The new SSIM.dll is not required, but it does have extra error checking and debugging information in it.

Fixed some UI tab dialog positioning and size problems to fix little cosmetic issues caused by changing from popup to child dialogs.

June 20 2014:

Fixed problem with single and dual player, when IPRecord tab is selected an erroneous message appears stating that the user is "Attempting an unsupported operation".  This pevented using IP input.

Changed all tab dialogs (record, playback parameters and objective metrics) from WS_POPUP to WS_CHILD.  Now we ignore move messages since the parent window handles the movement for us. We now position the dialogs after creation.  This enables large previews to work without having the tab dialogs appearing over the preview window.

June 17 2014:

Added gap detection to aFreq Metric - there is a new registry DWORD value: Audio Metric Gap Min Samples (set to 0 to disable (default)).  Currently using 480 to find 10 msec gaps.  

June 13 2014:

Now showing threshold line in audio metric graphs.

Fixed problem with audio sample graphs for A/B and combined graph modes.  When audio samples were at the maximum level it caused graph to be distorted.

June 10 2014:

Fixed crash when threshold failure overlay is enabled for NTSC video playback.

Fixed playback from first or last frame when playing and then first or last frame is selected and then play again.  Used to play from current spot instead of first or last frame.

Added a preview buffer array for synchronous preview mode (No Video Output or Broadcast output except quad formats). This helps with smooth playback to the preview from the beginning of the video.

Now ignoring IPRecord messages when IPRecord config dialog is active.

Fixes for Synchronous IP/Broadcast recording.

June 3 2014:

Fix for importing mp4 file with 16 bit audio using Drastic. Now audio is correct.

Changed preview frame timer from 33 to 16 msec for broadcast playback.

Changed shuttle to set all intermediate positions for smoother playback.

June 2 2014:

Added E-E support using HDMI output on Kona 4 systems when in 4X (quad) formats.

We now force stopping the output when preview is selected during in/out recording.  We then restart output if it was previously playing or paused.  

Added API support for setting/getting the Broadcast/IP record sync setting.

Added API support for snapshot.

Added API support for synchronous Broadcast/IP recording.

Fixed problem where DMOS was showing failures for frames beyond end of sequence. Threshold failures could exceed the number of frames if the total frames was not a multiple of the number of threads used.

Fixed problem doing in/out recording on quad boards caused by erroneously setting all ports to be inputs.

Now framestores and ports are properly enabled.  Note we now playback on Framestore 3 if doing in/out recording on a single quad board.  This is because FS 2 cannot be connected to port 3 due to space limitations in the firmware.

Fixed problem where PEAQ scores were incorrect if audio needed to be aligned.

Changed DMOS threshold failure determination to be only when greater than threshold to fix erroneous failure when threshold is 0 and the score is 0.

Fixed problem on the Jnd dialog where selecting Spatialize, Normalize or Align checkboxes caused the On/Off checkbox to be deselected.

May 21 2014:

Fixed problem when loading .dmos logs where the failure counts were inaccurate due to reading the wrong columns of data in the logs.

Fixed Jnd log creation where failures are logged when the score is 0 and the threshold is 0.  This should not be a failure.

Removed Movie video metric tab for 8.1 release.

May 19 2014:

Fix for crash when importing .yuv files with audio import enabled.  

For Kona 4 we now set HDMI Mode on HDMI output widget.

Fix for getting NTV2 Requested resource is in use error message when external sync is selected and the external sync signal is incompatible with the output format.

Removed startup warning message when the current analog output format is incompatible with the video output format.

Fix for jogging when sometimes preview window is not current with output frame and frame counter.

May 6 2014:

Made a 32 bit build of ClearView.exe.  This depends on version IPRecord or later. Note that this version does not have a movie.dll and the movie metric is disabled.  It does have a new AddbackSubtractor.dll.

There are now two builds, ClearView.exe is made with the version 10 sdk.  ClearView_11.exe is built with the version 11 sdk.

Now setting HDMI output video standared for quad formats.

May 4 2014:

Changed swapping for dual output using a single quad board from at the router to at the channel used to create the playback object.

May 2 2014:

Fix for dual output on a single quad board - outputs werent being swapped when swap was enabled.

May 1 2014:

Added support for Kona 4 board (only available with version 11 sdk builds).

Dual Output on a single quad board now uses outputs 3 and 4.

Disable OUtput/Input modules 1 & 2 if system has 2 Kona 4 boards.

Fix for dual input previewing of input 2.

April 14 2014:

Fix for overlay not working properly when playing playlists.

For broadcast playback on 3G Quad and LHi boards, we now set the HDMI output to 2 audio channels by default.

April 7 2014:

Fixed crash when getting results for Movie Metric.

April 5 2014:

Fixed frame counters not responding when paused in broadcast output.

April 4 2014:

Movie Metric graphing and logging now working.  Added radio buttons for switching between Temporal and Spatial Scores. Min/Max/Avg scores.  Increased score precision to 4 decimal places on UI.

March 31 2014:

This now requires Movie.dll.  Movie tab is now functional, but on/off is currently disabled.

Fixed IPRecord dual record problem where after capture one of the files was missing.

Fix for IPRecord Custom Format problem with non-integer frame rates.

We now have IPRecord Video and Audio GetBuffer timeouts set to 10 seconds by default.

Added config option for stopping playback when doing in/out recording.  The default is to stop and restart playback from the beginning.

Fixed crash when loading .dmos logs.

Fixed slow preview update when shuttling/jogging when MaxBuffers is a high value.

March 24 2014:

This depends on IPRecord or later.

March 18 2014:

Fixed a problem when playing 2x2x1080p formats with the YCbCr 8 bpc image format caused horizontal lines across the middle of the frame.

March 5 2014:

New version of AddbackSubtractor.dll.  

Performance improvement to dual quad playback render and non-render modes.  Using segmented dma from the render buffer eliminates need to split frame into quadrants.

Now requires IPRecord version or later.

Now support playback and recording RGB video formats on a quad board using dual link.  SDI ports 1 and 2 are now setup correctly as inputs and ports 3 and 4 are setup as outputs.

February 23 2014:

New Dll added - AddbackSubtractor.dll.  Increases performance for A-B with Addback for YCbCr 10 bit with no zoom.

For quad boards and LHi boards with HDMI outputs we now Set Audio Enable for stereo mix present.

Added support for simultaneous Broadcast and IP Recording.

Fixed problem where a warning message stating that the external reference was incompatible with the playback video format would come up when in fact the reference was fine.  This happened when the reference was set SDI inputs.

February 11 2014:

In cases where the system only reports 4 processor cores, but we have 8 logical processors we now spawn 8 instead of 4 threads when doing YCbCr 10 playback parallel rendering of A/B sequences.

Fix for initial preview/recording of 2x2x1080p (dual quad).  After switching to/from the ClearView Output record tab and then selecting the broadcast record tab and input modules 1 & 2 and then previewing would show the quadrants to be out of sync.  This problem would go away after stopping preview and restarting preview.

January 27 2014:

Fixed problem created when switching between YCbCr 8 and 10 bit image formats when using 2x2 dual quad video formats. Also fixed a similar issue when switching between regular 1080p formats and the 2x2 dual quad formats.  This could cause erroneous warning messages when assigning a sequence to a viewport stating the video or image format is different than the current format and needs to be changed. It also could cause problems with recording.

Fixed a crash when previewing 2x2 video formats.

January 21 2014:

Fix for recording using 2 quad boards on the single and dual players.  Made UI taller to accommodate the 4 inputs in the record tab.

Recording using 2 quad boards now sets the board video format to match the input signal format (SDI in 1 on each board)

January 15 2014:

Fixed problem importing 4096 x 2160 RGB10 DPX file - was reading as RGB10 and converting to v210 and then to 2vuy.  Now we force ARGB read and convert to 2vuy.

IPRecord input now works with the 0.7.9.X IPRecord versions.

December 29 2013:

Added new project to support AJA 11.2 drivers and SDK.  This is necessary to get the 4x1080p 29.97 and 30 fps.

Fixed a crash caused by starting ClearView with an incompatible analog output format or external sync format causing a warning dialog to appear which in turn was causing the applicaiton to not initialize properly.

4x video formats are now only enabled for systems with 2 3G quad boards.

December 9 2013:

Fix for crash when switching to Broadcast Modules 1 and 2 after running a 4K sequence on a single output module.  Reallocating format dependent memory on output module changes fixes this crash.

December 3 2013:

Fix for importing first two audio channels from a quicktime .mov file.  This is related to the change made in the previous update.

Changed warning dialog when video output format is not compatible with the external sync.  Also removed redundant error dialog.

Fix for DMOS log min max and avg values sometimes showing SSIM values instead of DMOS values.

Nov 26 2013:

Fix for importing Quicktime .mov file with 6 mono audio channels.  Requires MediaRead version 4.2.168 or later.  This fixes the erroneous number of audio channels and also problems with the imported audio.

Note this version also requires IPRecord version or later.

Fix for ClearView Player when using two quad boards.  The bug is actually for all ClearViews when zoom/pan are disabled (No Render Mode).  The problem was seen with bad video on the bottom quadrants of the output video.

Nov 21 2013:

Added back in the Output Device combobox for the single and dual players.

Fixed problem with bad lower right quadrant on playback.  We now explicitly enable the second frame store on the second board when in dual quad mode.

Fix for importing .mov files with 6 mono audio channels - this loops thru audio channel pairs.

Now if Max Buffers is missing from the registry, we will still use 160 buffers when in dual quad mode instead of the default of 40 buffers.

Nov 18 2013:

Delayed setting Analog Output Format until after the app is fully initialized.  This guarantees the proper format is chosen to be compatible with the video output format.

Fix for doing In/Out mode when using a single 3G Quad board.  This requires recording on channel 1 and playing on channel 2.

Changed the jog buttons to keep increasing the increment amount up to 10,000 frames / 200 msec.

Added the ability to use reference signals with frame rates of half of the video output frame rates.  This allows a 29.97 reference for 1080p 59.94.

Nov 5 2013:

Added a new config option for Metric Window Exclude Vanc.  When checked this works like RTMonitor where Y == 0 means the first line of active video.  This affects all video metrics, alignment and pixVal.  When unchecked it works as before.  Also anytime a log created by RTMonitor is loaded in ClearView, we set a flag which also causes ClearView to work in this "RTMonitor" mode.  This flag gets cleared by Reset.

Oct 24 2013:

No Video HW Output Module Custom Video Format creation now supports floating point for refresh.  This is for compatibility with IPRecord when using the No Video Output module with 29.97, 59.94, etc. frame rates.

Oct 20 2013:

Fix for MAPI calls for IP Input and Protocol.  Values were not being set in the IPRecord dll.

Fix for returning FALSE after successful recording of IPRecord input.

Fix for using API to change video formats between 720p and 1080p when using IPRecord input.

Oct 16 2013:

Fixed problem where switching between Broadcast Output Modules 1 & 2 and a single Broadcast Output Module (1 or 2) was not setting the video output standard to match the current video format.

Added a new class for the Jog+ and Jog- controls to allow holding down the control with the right mouse button to cause the control to increment/decrement.  After a few seconds the increment value increases from +1/-1 to +10/-10.

Oct 9 2013:

New SSIM.dll fix for chroma scores being inconsistent and not correlating with luma scores.

Oct 2 2013:

Fixed crash initializing dual quad buffers to black when image format is YCbCr 10 bit.

Sept 25 2013:

Fixed bug with previous build where checking analog output format compatibility failure caused dual quad formats to not work.

Changed processing of api InOut command.  Now ClearView will allow the last frame to be less than the current first frame.  This relies on a new CVServer to enforce valid first and last frame values.

Switching between dual quad video formats causes the output to flash inappropriately.


  Now we dont do the special work around for the Corvid22 and Corvid boards (disabling the frame stores and       waiting for 2 vert. interrupts before changing video formats)

  Now only set FB format, video format or VANC when changed.

  Now initialize quadrant buffers with black every time play or pause starts. This includes after changing video     formats.

Sept 24 2013:

New builds of AudMerge with latest IPP, etc.

Added threshold line to all metric graphs.

Changed IPRecord Config dialog to allow file input.

Added support for all image formats for IPRecord in ClearView (we previously only allowed YCbCr 8bpc).

Enable Analog Output combobox for 3G Quad boards to allow analog output of board one to drive sync on the second board.  Also connect FS1 to analog output on board one in router.  Added checking when changing analog format to make sure the new analog output format is compatible with the current video output format. If not, dont set hardware and reselect previous value.  Note: analog output does not work with some 1080p video output formats.

Sept 18 2013:

In config dialog added timer to check reference signals every 2 seconds.

Sept 6 2013:

Fixed disappearing input 2 signal status from broadcst record tab dialog after stopping recording when in dual quad mode.

Fix to allow recording on a 3G or 3G quad single board in/out mode when trying to record to channel (Framestore) 2.

August 30 2013:

Fixed problem with right edge of VideoClarity Logo when in YCbCr 10 bit mode.  The problem was in the conversion from v210 to RGB with the source image not being a multiple of 6 pixels in width which is required for v210.

Added support for Dual Quad Mode 2x2x1920x1080 video formats for the cvMsgAPi control.

Added support for the cvMsgApi ConfigInputIP, ConfigIPRecordScaling, ApplyIPRecordChanges.

August 21 2013:

Fixed sluggishness when jogging or shuttling when only a single clip is assigned.  Now we dont continue to read the same frame over and over after jogging.  Before we erroneously determined that the two inputs were not aligned, but this should not be the case when only one clip is assigned.

August 21 2013:

Playing when horizontal split is enabled looks bad and can crash when split point is adjusted.  Fixed by disabling multithreaded rendering when horizontal split is enabled.

August 19 2013:

Fixed intermittant crash assigning sequence to viewport.

August 16 2013:

Now when Broadcast Playback starts we check the External Reference (if enabled) and compare frame rate to the playback video format frame rate.  If not equal then warn user that we will disable the external sync to continue playing the current video format.

Added DMOS metric tab to RTM Player.  Previously loading .dmos logs caused RTM Player to crash.

August 7 2013:

Fixed problem where audio keeps repeating after reaching the end of a sequence when Play Once is selected.

July 24 2013:

Rebuilt VancUtil to use the latest Intel/IPP also removed MetricLib dependencies.

Fixed Handle leak when doing multithreaded renders (YCbCr 8 and 10 bit).

Fixed black previews for dual quad mode - no longer synchronous preview.

July 18 2013:

Fixed IPRecord jerky preview.

Changed version to 8.1.

July 16 2013:

Fixed frame counters were not working for Render Mode - problem caused by changing previews to synchronous.

July 15 2013:

Changed Preview for Broadcast Output (Render Mode) to be synchronous.  This fixes problems with tearing and Overlay disappearing.  This could possibly affect output performance since it requires and extra frame copy to preview buffer.  On my system this takes less than 1ms so I dont think it should have too big of an impact.

July 10 2013:

IPRecord update.

Fix for importing 24 bit audio - added Big Endian switch to config - default is little endian.

Changes for dual quad mode audio.

Fix for importing more than 2 audio channels using Drastic MediaRead.  NOTE: requires updating MediaRead to avoid crashing.

June 26 2013:

Modified PSNR chroma calculations - values used to be slightly too high.

Fixed Crash when running aFreq when one of the sequences clip align values changed.

Disabled VPID insertion.

June 11 2013:

For Single and Dual Player added Save Alignment Changes checkbox.

June 7 2013:

Added special registry setting to enable 16 channel audio mode.  Registry DWORD "Enable 16 Channel Audio Mode" set to 1 to enable. Note this works for Broadcast only.  Also only embedded audio.

Fixed problem in Dual Record - input 2 audio was coming from Audio subsystem 1 on single board systems.  Should come from subsystem 2 in this case.

Added new TTComboBox class to handle tool tips for items which exceed width of combobox.  This is currently only implemented for the Active Library combo.

June 4 2013:

Changed VPID code so that we dont supply SDK created VPID values and instead let the firmware do it. To do this

we clear the insert overwrite bit 27 in Registers 129 and 130 (if not 3Gb).

June 3 2013:

RGB 10 support for PSNR and DMOS (requires new SSIM.dll)

Fix for dropped frames when changing from pause to play.

May 27 2013:

Fix for single player - IPRecord Tab

Field Mode fix - side by side modes