ClearView Change Log

Version 9.5


Three video interface module support for ClearView Extreme

For broadcast inputs we added constant input signal detection

Dolby Vision format support and other HDR improvements

2110/NMOS support with new CV-IP-IO-UHD

HDMI inputs support with new CV-HDMI-I-4

UTC overlay provides universal time overlay to picture being played

Dual record added to Dual Player

UHD support added to Dolby Digital looping

VMAF upgrade to v. 2.3.1


Latest file support for CV-Importer


Library mgr crash upon selection of missing folder

Library mgr progress bar not going to completion 

Log creation failure when using ‘/’ in log name

Panning when zoomed not able to see entire image

Alternating Play mode fix

Fixes for specific configurations using certain broadcast interface modules

1080p level A/B changes on certain broadcast interface modules

Dual output synchronization on certain hardware configurations

Simultaneous broadcast/IP recording improvements

IP recording fix when using PIDs

Switching between normal and wide VANC modes fixed

Hang fix after intelligent alignment

Graph repainting sometimes not occurring